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What is Endesa Educa?

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ENDESA EDUCA is an educational project focused on the subject of energy. It was set up for the purpose of promoting a new type of social awareness in which energy savings and sustainability play a major role.

With this objective, ENDESA EDUCA offers a series of free educational activities for schools in Spain and the public in general. Its mission is to make energy known in the widest sense, from energy savings in the home to the operation of electric power stations. 

The mission of ENDESA EDUCA is to promote the efficient, rational use of electricity and foster awareness about the value of energy, in order to improve our quality of life.

To achieve this, it has a wide range of educational activities organised in situ and over the Internet for all those who are interested. These activities are divided into four types:

  • Online activities: the ENDESA EDUCA website contains all manner of virtual resources and activities related to energy to allow you to select those that best suit your students. All you need to do is register free of charge.
  • Visits to facilities: to obtain a better understanding of energy, the best solution is to study the sites in which electricity is generated and its distribution is controlled. Visits can be arranged to conventional thermal power stations, combined cycle stations and control centres, as well as other facilities. 
  • Activities organised in Endesa Information Centres: activities on the subject of energy and energy efficiency imparted by an educator and adapted to different educational levels in Endesa Information Centres in different cities. 
  • School Workshops: visit to the school by an educator for the purpose of organising an activity about electricity and electromagnetism, based on experimentation.
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