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How much energy's consuming your PC?


Interactive resources

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Informacion sobre electricidad y energia para profesores y alumnos con Endesa Educa¡If you are, then you've come to the right place!

This space gives you the chance to settle any doubts you may have about electricity. Through diverse resources we can make the most important concepts about energy easier to understand.

From energy resources and electricity generation to efficient energy consumption and its effects on the environment; Endesa Educa provides texts, images and tools to complete your science classes.

Furthermore, we also have games that will help students understand certain aspects that may be more complex.

This space is in continuous development and we make every effort to extend and update its contents, to make it a valid source of information for the whole educational community.

Would you like us to explain a subject in greater depth? Is there something you need? Do you find certain parts hard to understand? Use our forum and allow us to help you.